If you or someone you know is a Game of Thrones fan (who isn’t?!), then you’ll flip over these gift ideas. No questions asked, these are most definitely items you’ll want in your ‘fan stash’. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to eat cookies with official throne seals embossed in them, while you watch the show?!

#1 Official Game Of Thrones Coloring Book

Red wedding, Purple wedding, Green wedding, Arizona-Tan wedding. You decide! http://www.giftideaspro.com/product/official-game-of-thrones-coloring-book/


#2 Playing Cards

Playing poker with these cards may coat you in gold. Hopefully more like Petyr Baelish, and not Jaime Lannister. https://www.etsy.com/listing/287780999/game-of-thrones-inspired-playing-cards?ref=related-1


#3 Cookie Cutters

And remember kids, crows before hoes, unless they've been kissed by fire. http://www.nokidsthreemoney.com/view=42D?34veR


#4 Hand Of The King Brooch

For that special someone that you would like to see poisoned, beheaded, wrongfully accused and have to travel in a crate across the Narrow sea, killed buy your own son, or see your once grand family slowly decline to an inevitable ruin. http://www.nokidsthreemoney.com/view=42D?34vcG


#5 Wax Seal Coasters

Game of thrones drinking game: Drink any time you see a boob; Any time Tyrion’s height is referred to ; Every time someone says “Winter is coming” ; Each time Jon Snow is called a bastard,” Whenever anyone on screen drinks, obviously you must join them…. And any time someone dies (you’ll need it). http://www.giftideaspro.com/product/game-of-thrones-wax-seal-coasters/


#6 Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Targaryen cookie recipe: 1/2 cup (1 stick) of Dothraki grass-feed hourse butter 3/4 cup Bear Island brown sugar 2 large Thunderclap eggs 1 teaspoon pure milk of the poppy extract 1 (12-ounce) bag semisweet Braavosian chocolate chips, or chunks 2 1/4 cups of New World flour 3/4 teaspoon of Old Town baking soda 1 teaspoon of Dornish spicy salt. Mix everything in a bowl and spread on a baking sheet. Give it form using your cookie cutter of choice. Bake at 2000 °F (preferably with dragon-fire) http://geekyproducts.xyz/5rmfeB


#7 House Stark-Inspired Temporary Tattoo

The north remembers (temporarily) https://www.etsy.com/listing/191821575/house-stark-inspired-temporary-tattoo


#8 A Pop-up Guide To Westeros

They say that this is the exact replica of the maps that Aegon the conqueror used back in Dragonstone to prepare for the conquest of Westeros http://www.gameboardgaming.com/guDFop=13





















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